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The Coalition to Protect Lake Tahoe

What kind of a LakeTahoe do you think

we should leave for future generations?


In December of 2012, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) approved a new “Regional Plan Update” that upended over three decades of carefully-restrained growth rates and strong environmental protections for Lake Tahoe.

This new plan will seriously reduce protections for Lake Tahoe Real Estate by directly undermining the goals of the original agreement between California, Nevada and Congress that was designed to save Lake Tahoe’s famous clarity and scenic beauty – the shoreline, mountains and forest that make the lake a national treasure.

The Coalition to Protect Lake Tahoe cannot stand by idly and allow Tahoe, once the bluest lake in America, to become increasingly clouded by pollution, and its spectacular mountain ridgelines and shoreline obstructed by more and more four to six-story buildings in dense new urban centers and “resort recreation” areas.

Learn more about TRPA’s new plan that will bring radical change to Tahoe’s look and feel, with new tall buildings, intense development and increased traffic and congestion around the lake.




Below: Harmful algae attaches itself to a boat anchor, the result of too much nitrogen and phosphorus reaching the lake due to runoff from development and busy roads & highways.