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The Coalition to Protect Lake Tahoe

Imagine a Lake Tahoe clouded by pollution, its scenic views obstructed by new tall buildings…there is even more traffic…there is intense development around the lake.


The Coalition to Protect Lake Tahoe ​is dedicated to ensuring that Tahoe remains a beautiful place to live and to bring our families to visit. We have spent decades striving to protect Tahoe's deep blue waters and scenic beauty. We want to preserve this treasured place so that future generations will also enjoy coming to Tahoe to recreate and connect with nature.   

The new plan that was adopted by the ​Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) will bring massive new urban development and traffic congestion to the lake. Dense urban villages with tall buildings will block scenic views of the lake, the forests, and the mountains.   Under the new plan, construction activity will accelerate around the lake, as TRPA will allow the development of 3,200 more residential units, 200,000 additional square feet of commercial space, and 300 acres of new “resort recreation” development. The dense urban villages and 6-story buildings that will be encouraged will mean more pavement and more pollutants flowing into the lake.  

This is not the Lake Tahoe we want to leave for future generations.