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Nevada wants to roll back 25 years of regulations that helped protect Lake Tahoe’s famous blue waters and stunning mountain scenery. That state's legislature wants to turn Tahoe over to developers.

They are doing it with the help of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) and, now, the California legislature. Incredibly, California Senate Bill 630 says Californians are on board with abandoning Lake Tahoe protections.
Tell your legislator you aren't on board and demand a NO vote on SB 630! 

SB 630 would ratify an agreement between California and Nevada to implement TRPA’s new development plan for Tahoe, the Regional Plan Update. That plan was written by and for developers.

This bill would set a precedent of making new, additional development surrounding the lake equal in priority to protecting Tahoe's environment.  SB 630 would also have California cave in to Nevada's demand to shift most land use planning authority from TRPA to the counties bordering the lake, despite their past history of reckless development at Tahoe.

SB 630 has already been approved by the California Senate. There is still time to stop it in the Assembly. Please please contact your Assembly member today and urge a "No" vote on SB 630.

Help save the beauty of Tahoe for future generations to enjoy.

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